Being led of the Spirit and doing the biddings of the Lord, Bishop T. W. Drone left Georgia with the purpose of extending his ministry and reaching more souls for Christ.  Bishop Drone stated that his purpose was special and directed by God. Leaving a family of seven in Waycross, Georgia, Bishop Drone arrived in Akron in 1944. Many of his close friends thought he was insane for leaving his native state but the Bishop knew a divine force was initiating his footsteps.    The church established in 1944 was a part of the First Born Church of the Living God, headquartered in Waycross Georgia. Years later Bishop T. W. Drone went independent and the church was named First  Church of the Living God.            Bishop Drone returned to Georgia in 1945 to transport his entire family to Akron. The voyage was tedious, plagued with crowded conditions as Bishop Drone traveled a two lane highway in a 1941 Dodge across the meandering highway. The trip lasted approximately thirty hours.    The first location of the church was a store front located at 1146 Bittaker Street. The area of the sanctuary was a converted storeroom of a bakery. Bishop Drone’s members consisted of his family who ranged in age from three months to twenty-two years of age.    In the early years Bishop Drone’s outstanding asset was his tenor voice and iron lungs which he was reluctant to use until encouaged by his wife Mother Clara Drone, who told him to open his mouth and sing; “let the people outside know someone is in here!”    The church slowly started to grow when a Sunday School was established. Bishop Drone was the first superintendent. During Bishop Drone’s tenure as superintendent, Sam Dubose taught one of the first classes.     The Sunday School grew, composed  primarily of children from the Ardella Homes. Some of the superintendents during the years of 1946-1957 were: Americus Harmon, Lawrence Howard, and Henry Ingram.  David Drone and  Virgil Greer served as superintendents respectively, beginning in 1958.    In 1947, Mother Clara Drone started the first choir. Carolyn Woods was the pianist for the first choir. Maintaining a consistent  pianist was difficult in those days. The church would often hire a pianist for day or one event service. Faith Temple experienced such pianists as Betty Jo Hurst, Virginia McGrady (Finney), Annette Reed, and Jackie Jewell.    After financing piano lessons for four children, Vernell, Geneva,  Alfonso, and Jerry Drone, Jerry emerged as the foundation in which the choir would grow in its singing, verstilaty, and ability. Later Henry Walton and Benjamin Drone joined with Jerry to establish one of the most prolific music staffs in the Akron area.    Some of the early deacons of the church were Thomas Drone and Alex Higginbottom. Elder Beverly Saddler was one of the first ministers that assisted Bishop Drone.    Some memorable events that occured on Bittaker Street were revivals conducted by Mother Wildred Scott  in which thirty  to forty people received the Holy Ghost. Other evangelists that contributed to the growth of the church were B. B. Mitchell, Audrey Bronson, and Marlon Jackson.    In 1954, Bishop Drone purchased the lots at 1115 Milton Street. In 1957, the ground breaking took place on Thanksgiving Day. The following year, on Thanksgiving, the church was completed. Because of a lack of finance, the church was built on faith, thus the name, Faith Temple Church.    In 1958, the church was dedicated by Bishop A. H. White of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and became a part of the House of God, which is the Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of  the  Truth, better known as The Church of the Living God.    After pastoring for many years, Bishop T. W. Drone semiretired in 1976 and appointed Elder David Drone, pastor. Under the pastorate of Elder David Drone, the church continued  to grow and a larger facility was sought. After attempting for months to purchase a church on the north side of town, the Lord showed Bishop T. W. Drone that the church at 701 Sylvan was the one and that the congregation should stay on the east side of Akron.    Through the prayers and hard work of the members, it was  again through faith that the new edifice and manse were purchased.    After 30 years of pastoring Faith Temple Church  Bishop David Drone installed Minister Benjamin Drone as pastor on Sunday, June 1, 2008. We praise God for continued direction!

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